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IT Management

  • Evaluation of Al-Omra Electronics System Service centers, Ministry of Hajj*
  • Operation of Hajj and Omra data center*
  • Development of specifications of Omra service centers*
  • Review of specifications of Hajj and Omra data center*
  • IT supervision -  City of Jeddah*
  • IT strategy – OZCO**
  • IT strategy – Jeddah Municipality**
  • IT strategy – King AbdulAziz University**
  • IT strategy – Ummu-lqura  University**
  • Consultation services – Meteorology and Environment Commission**
  • Consultation services – JCCI*
  • RFP for IT operation and maintenance -  Jeddah Municipality*
  • RFP for IT applications -  Jeddah Municipality*
  • RFP for electronic archiving -  Jeddah Municipality*
  • Consultation for CRM policies and procedures – Bakheet Co.*
  • Policies and procedures for printing resources – Makkah Municipality*

Business software

  • Development of an automated sales system – Petrostar*
  • Supervision of the implementation of the information system – Abbar & Zainy Frozen Food Supplies*
  • Consultation for ERP – Wadi Fatimah Poultry Farm*
  • Consultation for ERP – Bakheet Co.*
  • Consultation for inventory system – Makkah Municipality*


  • Consultation for IT infrastructure  – Wadi Fatimah Poultry Farm*
  • Consultation for IT infrastructure -Bakheet Co.*

Educational Institutions

  • E-school project – AL-Andalus School*
  • Feasibility study of an engineering college in Jeddah*
  • Feasibility study of an IT college in Jeddah*


*    in collaboration with Gulf Sabir
**   in collaboration with Gulf Sabir and Horizons Software